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YODA - Male - 4/5 Years - Basset Hound Mix

With his long ears, long body and cute little turned ankles, Yoda is a quirky, funny little being in a dog suit! Yoda currently weighs in right at 50 pounds, with a few more pounds to gain. He has gained nearly 10 pounds and is so delighted at how much better he feels, that he sometimes jumps straight up in the air! We think he may be demonstrating his Jedi skills. Yoda demonstrates the wisdom of a Jedi, and is slow and patient. We think he lives by his own mantra “Do or do not. There is no try.” 

Yoda is working hard on his training, and hopes to impress everyone he meets with his knowledge and wisdom, patience, and the tiniest bit of warrier spunk in his quirky short body. Yoda is heartworm positive, but don't let that stop you! Along with our amazing sponsor Pharr Road Animal Hospital, we will be taking care of that, and he will be as good as new!

CHUCK - Male - 2.5 Years - Akita Mix - 55 pounds

Cycle 18 favorite Chuck was adopted early in his cycle. We thought he had the perfect home but his owner found herself working more hours than before and Chuck found himself alone and crated for very extended periods of time. Because of this, Chuck's adopted mom made the very difficult decision to relinquish him back to our custody to re-Home him where Chuck would get the attention he deserves.

👭 Chuck LOVES kids. He is a great family dog. He is living with a 2.5 and 5 year old now and is perfect with them. He's not in their face but is always with "his" kids.

🏡 Chuck needs a yard because Chuck is a shy pooper! He will not do his larger business if you are watching.

🐱 Chuck needs a cat-free home. He doesn't like cats - or maybe he likes them too much. Whatever way you see it, cats are a no-go.

What can we say about Chuck. He's just a great dog. A great companion but not a dog who needs to be on your lap. He's content just hanging out with you.

LEIA - Female - 2 years - Boston Terrier Mix

Leia is a happy bouncy girl, with a zest for fun! Leia is very smart, and is already proving that she is worthy of the Princess designation. She greets everyone - human and canine - with a little hop and a wildly wagging tail! When she is excited, she reminds us of Tigger - she appears to have springs in all 4 legs, and hops around excitedly!!

Leia is between 1 and 2 years old, and is a perfect weight of 33 pounds. She is an enchanting girl, and is sure to be very popular.


After filling out the application, please submit it online, or print, scan it and email to: adopt@caninecellmates.org. As soon as we have received your application, a member of our Adoption Coordination team will be in touch with you. If you do not get a response within 24 hours, please reach out to us - a technical error may have occurred, and we may not have received your application. Next, we would like for you to attend one of our meet n' greets to meet your potential new pup face to face (dates and times will be announced on our Events page). Lastly, we will conduct a home visit and introduction to your family (both human and non-human). The adoption fee for Canine CellMates dogs is $275 - our dogs are fully vetted, microchipped, spayed or neutered, on heartworm preventative and obedience and crate trained.                         

AMI - Female - 1 year - Bully Mix

Ami, like many dogs at the shelter, was both sick with an upper respiratory infection, and underweight when we met her. Her demeanor was anything but downcast - when we tested her, she was all smiles and affectionate hugs! Ami is a wiggly, loving girl whose handlers dote on her. She gets along great with all the other dogs and loves to play. We think she'd like to have a dog companion in her new home.

Ami is a young bully mix, a little over a year old. She is just over 50 pounds, and shouldn't get any larger. She is a quick study so far in her training. 


Canine CellMates dogs are selected from Fulton County Animal Control, a high intake county shelter. Each dog chosen for the program undergoes extensive temperament testing to determine their suitability for our program. Under the supervision of Jeanette Holloway and training assistants, the dogs and their handlers spend nine weeks learning basic obedience, and graduate from the program by passing an obedience test similar to the AKC's CGC test.

Canine CellMates dogs are available for adoption immediately and will be able to go to their forever homes after graduation. We carefully screen all adoption applications to ensure the right match between dog and person.  Canine CellMates graduates are fully vaccinated, micro chipped, spayed or neutered on monthly heartworm preventive, and obedience and crate trained.

OBI - Male - 3 years - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Mix

Obi is unbelievably handsome, but his charm goes far beyond just his looks! He is low key, smart and loves everyone he meets and we have found the feeling goes both ways! He is a Duck Tolling Retriever mix who will be about 50 lbs. and can’t wait to find his forever home!

Obi is a pretty laid back dude and loves all other animals - both the 2 and 4 legged kinds - both big and small - young and old! I would be a great family dog and will promise to love you forever and ever! 

CHEWY - Male - 2 years - Leonberger

Chewy is tall, intelligent and loyal! He is a young Leonberger. Leonbergers are a breed created by a mix of Newfie, longhaired Saint Bernard, and Great Pyrenees. Chewy is beautiful, calm and very smart. He is observant of his surroundings, loves everyone he meets, and thinks that he is a lap dog! Chewy currently weighs in at 79 pounds, and he is not done growing yet.

Like your dogs big, beautiful and loveable? Then this adorable boy may just be your new best friend! Chewy is bound to be very popular, so if you are interested, and want to meet him, get your adoption application in asap.

TINK - Female - 2 Years - American Bulldog / Pit Bull Terrier Blend

Think is a sweet and delicate girl in spirit and demeanor. We love this solid girl! She wants desperately to be loved - we don't suspect she has had much of that in her life. She is smart, already doing very well with her training and is very eager to please.

She is a very solid 58 pounds. She is gentle with her interactions, and a medium energy level girl. She is heartworm positive, but Canine CellMates, along with our amazing sponsor Pharr Road Animal Hospital, will be taking care of that. We love this girl very much - she deserves a special home that will love and care for her the way she deserves.

VADER - Male - 18 Months - Bull Terrier/Pittie Mix

​Vader is a sweet and affectionate boy who is around 18 months-old and loves to play, but also settles quite nicely at the end of the day. He is incredibly smart. He loves his dog friends and would do great in a home with a furry friend to blow off steam with. While Vader loves to play, he also settles quite nicely and will make a great cuddle buddy.

​He is a very affectionate boy, and would be a great companion for someone who loves to be active. A brisk walk, a rousing bout of throwing a tennis ball, a hike in the woods would all be right up this boy's alley! 

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