YOSHI - Female - 6 months - Pittie Puppy

​Yoshi is all kinds of cuteness in that chunky body, with a little bit of demodectic mange thrown in for good measure! But this girl has already been treated, and is on the road to recovery!

She's going to be a pretty good-sized girl - probably 60 to 65 pounds when she finishes growing up. Yoshi has plenty of puppy love and doesn't mind sharing!! If bouncy, meaty puppies are your soft spot, you will want to get your application in quickly for this cutie pie, before someone beats you to her!


IF THE APPLICATION DOES NOT SUBMIT, PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE ENTERED SOMETHING INTO ALL FIELDS MARKED WITH AN ASTERISK!! After filling out the application, please submit it online, or print, scan it and email to: adopt@caninecellmates.org. As soon as we have received your application, a member of our Adoption Coordination team will be in touch with you. If you do not get a response within 24 hours, please reach out to us - a technical error may have occurred, and we may not have received your application. Next, we would like for you to attend one of our meet n' greets to meet your potential new pup face to face (dates and times will be announced on our Events page). Lastly, we will conduct a home visit and introduction to your family (both human and non-human). The adoption fee for Canine CellMates dogs is $275 - our dogs are fully vetted, microchipped, spayed or neutered, on heartworm preventative and obedience and crate trained.                         

PONG - Female - 8 Months - Shepherd and Red Bone Coonhound Mix

The happy bounce of this girl is what attracted us to her! Pong is tall and blonde, with long shapely legs! From the back, she is all shepherd, but from the front, she's all hound, and with her coloring and webbed feet, we are pretty sure it's redbone coonhound!

At a current 45 pounds, she will probably max out at about 60 pounds or so. She's a smart girl, who is eager to learn, and eager to play.If you like super models who want to play catch, and cuddle on the couch to watch a movie, pretty sure this girl might just be your cup of tea!

JAGGER - Male - 16 months - Mix

Jagger is learning, he's playing with all the other dogs, and he's growing his hair back! We think that was a combination of an allergy and enormous stress, but that's behind him now!
Jagger is still growing, and around 60 pounds. He's a mix of some sort, and honestly, until his hair finishes growing back in, it's a little hard to tell what's in there!

We are thinking maybe some border collie may be a part of this mix. We think he will finish out at between 70 and 75 pounds. Whatever he is, he's 100% beautiful young boy who deserves someone who is finally going to make a commitment to this sweetheart!


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Canine CellMates dogs are selected from Fulton County Animal Control, a high intake county shelter. Each dog chosen for the program undergoes extensive temperament testing to determine their suitability for our program. Under the supervision of Jeanette Holloway and training assistants, the dogs and their handlers spend nine weeks learning basic obedience, and graduate from the program by passing an obedience test similar to the AKC's CGC test.

Canine CellMates dogs are available for adoption immediately and will be able to go to their forever homes after graduation. We carefully screen all adoption applications to ensure the right match between dog and person.  Canine CellMates graduates are fully vaccinated, micro chipped, spayed or neutered on monthly heartworm preventive, and obedience and crate trained.

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CRASH - Male - 1 Year - Beagle, Pointer and Terrier Mix

​Crash is a true medium sized boy - only about 45 pounds, and will probably stick right at 50.
He came into the jail rather tentaively, unsure what this new place held for him. His handler was ready, though, and took it nice and slow, and it was only a few days before this cute boy decided that this place was okay with him!!

If you want a survivor, that will thank you every single day for the rest of his life, this

tri-colored speckled cutie may just be the boy for you! He'll be waiting for you. 

SONIC - Male - 2 Years - Border Terrier and Patterdale Terrier Mix

Sonic's a scruffy boy, a little under 40 pounds with his top weight being around 45. He is happy, engaging and affectionate, in the gentlest way. He dearly loves attention and gives the sweetest of kisses.

He is very calm and patient, so he'd probably be great with children. He is great with other dogs too. If you are interested in meeting this adorable scruffy, adoption applications can be found on our website

ZELDA - Female - 2 Years - Dutch Shepherd

Zelda is beautiful and elegant, but she dearly loves to play! She gets playful with her mouth a little bit, true to a herding breed. She weighs in at just under 60 pounds, with a few pounds to put on to be at her ideal weight.

She is highly affectionate, and thinks that she is a lap dog. If you are a shepherd lover - and probably even if you haven't been before - you will adore this girl! She is sure to be very popular, so get your application in early - they can be found on our website. 

MARIAH - Female - 3-4 Years old - Mastiff/Bloodhound Mix

​Mariah is so true to the mastiff breed, in that she loves everyone she meets, and is an exceptionally easy going girl. There are certain ways that she turns her head where you can clearly see the bloodhound profile, and when she opens her mouth to "sing", you can hear the hound in her singing voice! She currently weighs around 100 pounds, and is a little "fluffy" - lol!

If your favorite kind of dog is an easy-going laid back big dog, then this girl is right up your alley! She would love to be a part of a family, or a companion to a single person. She would like a dog to be buds with, or to be the center of someone's world.