Einstein is an adorable mix, who’s very affectionate and loves being around other dogs. Einstein is super curious and follows his dad around watching him do everything while trying to find new things to eat or chew on. He’s playful, goofy and we love watching him play with older dog brother Capone.  Our family consists of me, my girlfriend, a canine brother Capone and Einstein. We all love exploring new dog parks, hiking, and meeting up with friends. We also love daily runs, cuddling, and laughing at Einstein’s quirky behavior. Einstein loves giving kisses, making fur friends, playing with Capone,romping in the water, hanging with mom in the kitchen (a surprise treat perhaps?) and doing tricks for treats.

I love the idea of this program where you take shelter dogs and give them a second chance by training them and finding them a forever home. This also gives inmates a second chance to learn how to train and care for a dog appropriately and experience unconditional love.


The word "family" sums it up pretty well ~ pure, unconditional love. That would be me, Dad, Fulton, Wally (a Shih-Tzu mix), and Baby (a black toy poodle). When I saw Fulton's picture online, I knew I had found the one. His eyes seemed to be saying, "Come get me, I am waiting for you." Fulton has definitely completed our family. I have always loved dogs, but Fulton is the first "big" dog I have ever owned, and we have an amazing bond. Fulton is special. And that is largely because of Canine CellMates.

Fulton is a beautiful, strong, lovable bundle of pure joy and energy. I take him to the Adair dog park and he gets along well with other dogs - it is pure happiness to watch them all run and play together. Wally and Fulton get along very well. Fulton lets Wally "wrestle" with him whenever he wants and he is very gentle with him.


You want chill with a side of sassiness, that’s Fancy! She loves every person she meets and loves belly rubs. It's funny, Fancy really doesn't have a “thing” per se. She refuses to catch a ball, won't play with most toys, doesn't care for most dogs and definitely not cats - she's very particular that way. She loves laying out and catching the morning sun, hiking on the trail, frolicking through the grass, smelling the flowers, chilling on the couch - typical girl things.

​She loves to be outside and inside equally. She almost never barks except when she hears other dogs, but she'll give a warning bark because she wants them to stop. She goes crazy when dad is cooking bacon and she loves her rawhides.  While browsing on the internet, I stumbled upon Fancy and the CCM program. The description of Fancy was exactly what I was looking for. After reading about CCM I was even more excited because I'm a huge advocate of any program that allows inmates an opportunity to learn, grow and love. And it's a win for the dogs because they get the love and attention they need. With this training program, the adoptee can walk away with confidence they're getting a great companion for life.


Ivory is a sweet girl that loves to cuddle and give kisses to me, my husband and her dog brother Bentley. She absolutely loves to run around and explore the yard searching for the resident critters.  She's a momma's girl, but also loves cuddling with her daddy. But her favorite thing is Bentley. She gives him big kisses every time she walks by, and they both love a good cuddle session with each other.  Ivory is a pro at dressing up, and she’ll let you do whatever you please. She has a great smile because she gets her teeth brushed by her mom regularly. It's a good thing, because you never know when you're going to get a big, wet kiss from our sweet girl.

Canine CellMates has become very near and dear to my heart. Since getting involved in CCM, I've adopted one of the dogs and taken on the responsibility of Adoptions Team Leader. I could have never guessed that I'd find something that I believed in this much. Between these dogs and the guys, CCM is changing lives. I'm so happy to be a part of it.

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 I adopted Ginger in March of 2015. She’s had a rough life and a lot of health problems that she’s only recently getting over, but she’s adapting pretty quickly and is a very smart dog.  Walking is her favorite activity. When you get that leash out, she goes nuts! She has been on some neat trips and just lays down and enjoys the ride. She loves to meet people – which is amazing for a dog who has had such bad experiences.  Ginger is a survivor and one of the most determined dogs I’ve ever met. She had her heart set on getting better and that’s just what she did. Day by day she’s getting more settled and into a routine. She knows what time I “should” be up in the morning and she makes sure to come charging into my room to get me off my butt and moving!

To me, Canine CellMates is about redemption and second chances for both the dogs that they rescue and hopefully, for their handlers. It’s really a miracle to see Ginger now and to think not even a year ago she was tied up to a tree somewhere in horrible shape. She has Canine CellMates to thank for this second chance.


 Scout is a young, energetic pit-hound mix, hailing from south Atlanta. After getting noticed in the shelter for his almond eyes and impeccable manners he found a wonderful, albeit temporary, home with Canine CellMates (CCM). While there he made fast friends with an amazing trainer, Kerry. Scout now spends his days in the Castleberry Hill area. He loves other dogs and tears around the dog park, leaping, jumping and wrestling with whoever can keep up with him. He’s very well-mannered and maintains his impeccable CCM training with the help of treats. Scout may live in the city but he loves the country too. Emma and Stefan love taking him to Sweetwater Creek Park, up to the North Georgia Mountains and even as far north as Nashville! When the crew is tired from all the trekking about, they love taking naps together. Scout is a champion snuggler.  Canine CellMates means hope. Emma first learned about CCM while researching it for Atlanta Magazine. As the story evolved she came to know the volunteers and trainers and saw what a wonderful opportunity it presented for both groups. Adopting a pup from CCM meant she and Stefan were able to appreciate the amazing gift the program gives dog owners.

Duke is a lovable, bouncy boxer mix who loves to play “chuck-it” with his new parents. Duke goes to the dog park to run and play with his friends. He likes to snuggle with mom and have quiet time as he sits in her lap watching the birds.  Duke enjoys afternoon naps, but he’s also a social pup and likes to be around people. Backyard play time in the evenings is special with dad and when it’s time for bed, Duke settles into his own comfy bed in the master bedroom. He loves to travel and had his first beach experience in Michigan while visiting extended family. Duke was unsure of water, but once he got his paws wet, he wouldn’t come out!

Duke’s calm, gentle and affectionate demeanor served him well when he visited grandma in the assisted living facility. Upon meeting grandma, Duke climbed right onto the bed and gave her a loving hug and slobbery kiss. Duke so loved his time with grandma that mom had to pry him off the bed when it was time to go. It was such a special time. We’re grateful for CCM for saving his life and for the trainer who loved him and worked so patiently with him. Duke’s parents say that CCM may have saved his life, but he has brought life to theirs


Apollo is the perfect mix. With the sweet smile of a Lab and low rider stature and personality of a Basset Hound, this 3 year old mini-Lab knew he was destined for bigger and better things than a life lived in a shelter.  My husband and I are retired with 3 adult children, 6 grandsons and we always had at least one dog. When we moved to be close to two of our children and their families we had 2 dogs. The last one, Zena, passed away in June. One of the trainers for Canine CellMates was training my daughter’s new puppy and had met Zena. When she heard about Zena she immediately thought of Apollo and texted me pictures and brought him over for a home visit.

​My husband and I immediately liked him, he’s such a handsome boy. Apollo is perfect for us. He’s very attached to me and I love it. We have been amazed at how smart and well trained he is. He’s a perfect gentleman around guests and his greatest pleasure is having his tummy rubbed. We take walks everyday and recently started going to the dog park which he loves! He and my daughter’s Lab play together frequently! Everyone is impressed with Apollo. I brag about Canine CellMates every chance I get!



Missy is a 3 year old Redbone Coonhound. At about 40 pounds, Missy is just as sweet and cute as can be, not to mention downright beautiful. This little girl didn’t have a great start to life; although, you would never know it by her happy and playful demeanor.  Missy joined our family consisting of me, my husband, and Bouncer, her canine brother. Our 18 year old son recently joined the Air Force and just completed Basic Military Training at Lackland AFB, TX.  

Missy's favorite thing is to chase anything that moves. She loves to watch the backyard from the 2nd story window and then run downstairs, thru doggie door, and chase those pesky chipmunks. She also really loves the dog park, where she likes to be chased and play with her brother Bouncer. We love to hike with Missy and I get such joy from watching her and Bouncer play. Canine CellMates means HOPE. Hope for the dogs who have been rescued and hope that the inmates find a new path in life.

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There were two rescued German Shepherds who greeted newborn Graham, our son, when he came home from the hospital. Dogs have been an important part of our family as long as we’ve been one. When we unexpectedly lost our second Shepherd on New Year’s Day of 2014, it was a sad day for all of us. A couple of months later, when Graham was only 5, he took out a book full of dog photos, pointed to one and said, “This is the dog I want, Mama.” It was a Golden Retriever puppy.

If you’re reading this, you may be confused by the photos because there’s no puppy or Golden shown here. We’ve laughed many times about Graham’s “puppy”, Tony, a 60-pound, 2-year old Anatolian Shepherd mix. Tony came to live with us on Graham’s 6th birthday in 2014, the same month his trainer, Leon, was released. Tony has a lot of puppy in him and loves to run! He is an avid stealer of socks. He is very kind to other dogs and people so we love to take him to the dog park often and he walks with us to school. We can very honestly say that we’ve never seen a more dedicated and caring group of volunteers than the ones we’ve been privileged to work with over the past year.


Charlie Brown came to us on December 6th and when I think Charlie Brown I think of the Charlie Brown Christmas specials we grew up with.  He is truly a gift to us…better than anything under the tree! He now has a big family which consists of me, my husband, our three little boys (with another on the way) and a dog brother Walter, who is also a rescue. Our house can get pretty hectic, but it’s awesome!  We believe Charlie Brown was destined to be with our family. We had just begun our search for a second dog and initially looked at another CCM dog.  My intuitive 5 year old son, Thatcher, kept insisting that we needed “Charlie Brown” and we assumed he wanted to rename whatever new dog we chose to “Charlie Brown”, since we generally rename rescued dogs to give them a fresh start. At this point, we weren’t even aware of Charlie Brown’s existence.  While looking at the other dog, someone suggested that perhaps Charlie Brown would be a better fit for our family and turned to point at a dog, who was sitting nicely up a little hill, under a tree. The hairs on my neck rose and I was stunned. Thatcher knew best after all, it was love at first sight. Even before meeting him, he was already ours in our hearts and that’s where he’ll stay.  Charlie Brown loves playing fetch, tossing himself toys, chewing on bones and snuggling. He thinks he is a lap dog! He is always right near his little people and adores Walter.  He has demonstrated an innate talent/ability for protecting the little ones and keeping them safe. He will eat just about anything and is an excellent “dog vacuum” after messy family dinners!


Dante is a very smart, loving, and extremely sensitive little guy. He always seems to know if someone needs a hug and everyone he encounters just loves him to bits.  We originally noticed his beautiful brindle coat, scarred nose and over-sized ears. He captured our hearts at the first stroke of his super soft fur. He’s very happy with the big backyard but his favorite spot is sunning himself on the deck all day. Dante is lightning fast and can make it from the back corner of the yard to the house in no time flat, only slowing down to make the turn for the stairs up to the deck.

Dante does the “wiggle butt” and makes a low howling sound to tell us when he’s really happy . His favorite sport is soccer, he kicks the ball and chases after it. He loves to snuggle, play with his human siblings, chew antlers, sneak into beds when no one is home, give  kisses, sit on laps, play with balls, do doggie yoga poses and roll in the dirt. We are now a family of 5, including Dante, Mom, Dad, a 14 year old young lady and a 5 year old boy.  Dante has such a big personality and we can’t imagine our family without him! It’s like he’s always been here. We are so happy and thankful to Canine CellMates for bringing Dante into our lives. We know Dante would someday love a puppy-friend, so our family will eventually grow into six! We were introduced to Canine CellMates through another family, who adopted Chance a couple of cycles ago. We love that the organization strives to provide better lives for all beings no matter of their start in life. 

Once upon a time, after much hard work and months of training and networking, these Canine CellMates Dogs have found their way into the hearts and homes of their very own families.  We are grateful for each and everyone of our adopters who cared enough to love these special dogs for the rest of their lives.  Canine CellMates loves when we have success stories about the dogs in our program.  Here are their stories or should we say their Happy Tails....