Canine Cellmates Utilizing Shelter Dogs To Change The Lives of incarcerated Men

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Canine CellMates' stories don't end when the dogs graduate from our program.  In fact,  what goes on after graduation provides the stuff that go down in history books.  And sometimes just meeting dogs and men provide us with stories to pass down from year to year.  Check out some of our most memorable moment, dogs and men in our new feature, "Beyond the Bars".  Read more...

Canine Cellmates...

“Utilizing shelter dogs to change 
the lives of incarcerated men.”

Beyond the Bars -  the Making of Mario
​Canine CellMates doesn’t just invest time and effort into dogs.  The men at the Fulton County Jail who become the handlers of our recruits become part of the Canine CellMates team and family.  We do our best to support them in their efforts to grow and evolve while in the jail and continue our support when they get out.  

This story is just one of many we are adding to our book about human perseverance in the face adversity.  It’s a story with all the key components - suspense, conflict, perseverance, success and most of all love.

Meet Mario.  Mario was in Cycle 1 of the Canine CellMate program.  The very first cycle to begin in Fulton County Jail.  We met Mario on June 3rd, 2013.  We were a bit nervous as we interviewed these men in orange jumpsuits so we could evaluate who would be a good fit for this inaugural cycle.  We had no idea what we were in for or what to expect.

Mario met us with a huge smile and lots of sparkling gold.  We’re sure he thought these “nice white ladies from the burbs”, as they call us, had absolutely no idea what they were doing.  We didn’t, but we were there ready to wing it!

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“Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world.  

For, indeed, that's all who ever have.” - Margaret Mead

Juno and Arthur, the Journey Home

... Fast forward a few days and we received a call from the Shelter.  Apparently Juno and Arthur were “siblings” and came from the same home, and their owners were looking for them.  We were shocked.  We accepted them into the our Program well after the standard holding time, so we would have never believed they had a family.  But they did...     Read their story

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