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the lives of incarcerated men.”


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“Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world.  

For, indeed, that's all who ever have.” - Margaret Mead

You may have heard about a photography exhibit that was displayed on the Atlanta Beltline recently, in which images of the Canine CellMates program, taken by photographer Kelly Kline, were prominantly displayed and publicly removed. This is the statement issued today jointly by Canine CellMates and Kelly Kline that addresses our position on these events:

The images of the Canine CellMates program recently removed from the Atlanta Beltline were intended to highlight a positive rehabilitation program within the Fulton County Jail. The anger over these images is misdirected and those seeking to ban the images are misinformed.   The Canine CellMates mission statement, "Utilizing Shelter Dogs to Change the Lives of Incarcerated Men," is the core of our program. We are on the front lines, working every day to counteract the problem of recidivism. We are helping men affected by incarceration change their lives in positive ways, so that they can return to the community as productive citizens.

The demographic disparity of that wider population need not - we feel - ever be whispered about or concealed in any way by anyone. We only see incarcerated men who need a second chance at life. We see men with the potential to become good citizens and loving fathers.  


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At the Fulton County Jail, inmates are hard at work — training dogs. Now in its fifth year, the Canine Cellmates program pairs inmates with rescue dogs so that they can be adopted. They sleep, eat and play with their four legged companions for nine to 12 weeks.  On Second Thought producer Summer Evans visited the program to see how Canine Cellmates works. She brought back an audio postcard.  Listen to the audio postcard by clicking this link:  http://gpbnews.org/post/mans-best-friend-fulton-inmates-bond-canine-cellmates