Starting Cycle 12 of our Canine CellMate program we picked two dogs from Fulton County Animal Shelter, to head to jail to become canine good citizens.  The first was Juno, a female Rottie Mix with a wiggle butt who we thought would fit right into the program.  Next was Arthur, a Beagle mix who was just a sweet ol gent who deserved a second chance and a new home.  We fell in love with these two and welcomed them into the Canine CellMates family.

But not all things go as planned.  Early in the program Juno began to show signs of fear and clearly wasn’t thriving in the jail environment.  As to not escalate her fears, we removed her from the program into boarding and continued to work with her there.  We also would continue to look for a good home for her.  


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Beyond the Bars -  the Making of Mario
​Canine CellMates doesn’t just invest time and effort into dogs.  The men at the Fulton County Jail who become the handlers of our recruits become part of the Canine CellMates team and family.  We do our best to support them in their efforts to grow and evolve while in the jail and continue our support when they get out.  

This story is just one of many we are adding to our book about human perseverance in the face adversity.  It’s a story with all the key components - suspense, conflict, perseverance, success and most of all love.

Meet Mario.  Mario was in Cycle 1 of the Canine CellMate program.  The very first cycle to begin in Fulton County Jail.  We met Mario on June 3rd, 2013.  We were a bit nervous as we interviewed these men in orange jumpsuits so we could evaluate who would be a good fit for this inaugural cycle.  We had no idea what we were in for or what to expect.

Mario met us with a huge smile and lots of sparkling gold.  We’re sure he thought these “nice white ladies from the burbs”, as they call us, had absolutely no idea what they were doing.  We didn’t, but we were there ready to wing it!

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Canine CellMate stories of hope, success, trials, tribulations and most of all love.